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Nabumali High School

Welcome word from the Headteacher

I warmly welcome you all to the Nabumali High School website. I am glad to announce that Nabumali High School is now part and parcel of the global village. For starters, Nabumali High School is a mixed government-aided boarding secondary school which has produced several prominent citizens. It is no secret that the products of Nabumali High School are all over the world. I earnestly thank those of you who are contributing to making life better for the people of this world. My sincere thanks go to the Nabumali High School Old Students Association (NOSA) for being the indispensable force behind the establishment of this website, in addition to the many projects both ongoing and accomplished that they have carried out in the school. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The Board of Governors, you have been very supportive. The Parents Teachers Association Executive and members, parents, students and well- wishers, you are all welcome. As an institution, we pledge to work hard to improve and maintain high levels of discipline and academic performance. Our dream is to return Nabumali High School to its former glory and rise higher. This is the reason we are striving to condition both students and teachers to self-drive so as to reach the heights that made Nabumali High School one of the greatest schools in both Uganda and East Africa. The re-invigorated interest of the Old Students in their school is a motivation to us. The support of the parents and the well-wishers is the engine driving us on. Let us use this platform to share knowledge and positive criticism. Let this be the source of the water that will nurture Nabumali High School into a world-class secondary school once again. The team I work with is competent enough to take the school to this level. We plead for time as we reorganize ourselves. We plead for patience as we transform both ourselves and the students from the restless slumber to full wakefulness. NOSA, especially Engineer Darlington Sakwa and colleagues, thank you very much. Thank you for launching us into the world. We pledge commitment to making Nabumali High School the pride of Uganda once again. We have been there. We strive to be there. We shall be there. Onwards and Upwards For God and my Country OMEDO BERNARD OGUNDI Headteacher.
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